Sustainable Performance

We want to change the status quo in golf clothing, we want to make Sustainable Performance par for the course for all.  



Our first step is to design in performance into our clothes but also keep them suitable for wear off the course. To do this we have used durable premium fabrics that allow for maximum freedom of movement but are comfortable to wear. 

Each product specification details the performance qualities of the garment, but if you are in a rush, below is the highlight reel:

  • High quality European fabrics
  • Produced with care by experienced manufacturing teams in Portugal
  • Limited elastane use but just enough so as not to restrict movement or diminish performance
  • Moisture wicking breathable fabrics
  • Printed brand labels so no irritating woven labels scratching your neck as you stand over the all important 6ft putt to win the match
  • A minimalist stay classy approach to logos - we like being understated 
  • Fashion forward designs such as blade collars and there are hoody’s in the pipeline (yes you can wear hoody’s on the course!!)

More details about our sustainable fabrics and manufacturing process can be found at 'Our Fabrics and Choices'