Our Story

Fia Links was founded by a life long golfer (Alex) who wanted to create something different, something that was missing in the golf industry - a lifestyle golf brand with a mission.

Our experiences with golf clothes are that they are not interchangeable from on the course to off the course. We have designed clothes that changes this, its a new approach for the golf industry and its our design mission.  

We have coined the phrase Sustainable Performance’, to represent the other side of our mission. We produce clothes that are made in an ethical, and the most sustainable manner but never compromising on performance. Again, this is a new approach in the golf industry.

We feel its important to be transparent about our manufacturing process and more information can be found on 'Our Fabrics and Choices' page.

And that's it, quite simple!


As for the name;

Fia / Fiadh is an Irish word meaning ‘wild’ or ‘deer’. It also happens to be Alex’s daughters name! This was the perfect inspiration for a brand that cares about the environment and a reminder that our environmental actions today have an impact on generations to come.


Motivational Clothing!!

On every piece of clothing we design you will see “Strive For Better” it's our motivational message - to strive for better for the environment, at life and in golf! 



Join us on the journey to Strive For Better, together.