Our Pricing

We want to be successful but not at the cost to others so just like in golf we play by the rules;

  • We are fair to suppliers;
  • To manufacturers;
  • To the environment; and,
  • We are fair to customers.

Providing premium quality and producing in an ethical and the most sustainable way possible is not cheap.

Golf is not immune to fast fashion, this method compromises on aspects we won’t. We will always design in Ireland and use skilled European manufacturers and premium fabrics. 

We want to be fair to you the customer, and have done our best to remain competitive against other brands who operate differently.

Ultimately we believe in the quality of our products and will never compromise on that in search of higher returns.


Get it while it lasts

As you can tell by now we operate differently!! We limit our stock so not to add to potential waste and carbon emissions through transport.

We reward customer loyalty, so sign up to keep up to date for future promotions and new drops!