Our Fabrics and Choices

We believe the golf industry needs to change, so we do things differently!!

As part of our mission to deliver Sustainable Performance we prioritise fabrics that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.



  • All premium fabrics are made in Italy, Austria and Portugal.
  • Full production in Portugal to limit transport and maximise quality.
  • Designed in small production runs to minimise waste.
  • Aligned with manufacturers that produce in the energy and eco-friendly way, all this is done to minimise our carbon footprint.


  • Polyester made from recycled plastics (rPES or rPET) and complies with Global Recycled Standard with no drop in the performance of the fabric.


  • All our cotton is organic and complies with Global Organic Textile Standard. Currently our cotton socks are blended with nylon ensure durability and elasticity, we are working with our manufacturers to include econyl in our next production run.


  • We love how this fabric is sustainable, but we love what it brings to our products. It adds that longer lasting extra softness above cotton and is able to withstand more repeated wash and dry cycles compared to cotton.
  • The fabric fibers are extracted from naturally grown beech wood and is made by Lenzing in Austria one of the world leaders in sustainable yarn/fabric manufacturing.
  • As modal is composed of natural material it is biodegradable and compostable under industrial, home, soil and marine conditions thus it can fully revert back to nature.



The fashion industry has historically not been kind to its manufacturing workers in various parts of the world. We all subconsciously know that our nice clothes are not that nice to everyone. We didn’t want to be part of this problem and wanted to offer a solution.

We only produce our clothes in Europe because;

  • We know the workers are paid fairly;
  • Have safe working conditions;
  • Treated with respect.

Our choice to localise our production in Europe cost more, but what we get is a premium product that is fair to everybody in the supply chain.


Limited Production

We limit our production to small quantities. This is a conscious decision to reduce our carbon footprint and we also don't want to risk excess products going to landfill. So get them while you can!!  



Shipped from Portugal into HQ in Dublin all are individually inspected to ensure that you receive the best possible premium product.

All packaging you receive is suitable for home recycling and or home composting.