Golf Course Reviews - but not as you know it!!

Golf Course Reviews - but not as you know it!!


We think golf course reviews need a fresh approach!!! 

First and foremost we love golf. Like every other golfer in the world we are searching for the answers to those eternal questions;

- What is the best golf course?

- If I buy this new driver, will it add 20 yards?

- Why is golf so hard?

- Should I give up?

The joy of golf is, you will never find the answers!!


We are on the hunt for the answer to one other question, rarely posed but equally as important in our eyes:

- What golf course is the most sustainable?


To help find an answer we are going to hit the road and do one part golf course review and one part golf course sustainability review. 

We like sustainable business practices, our belief is that for companies/organisations great and small it has to be on their agenda. We believe its like a good Ryder Cup match, responsibility for most of the outcome rests with the team (companies/organisations) and they should be leading the charge but fans (consumers/customers) need to push them every step of the way!!


The best bit, we don't know what we are going to find, some course could be really hot on sustainable practices and others, it might not even register.

But we are going to do it anyway and keep track of our adventures here, hopefully for you all to enjoy!!